London regains top spot as world's number one on 'Wealth Index'

A new report has revealed that London has overtaken New York to become the world’s leading wealth centre once again.

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The Knight Frank Wealth Report evaluates cities on criteria including property investments, lifestyle and the number of individuals worth over $30 million.

When it comes to the global rankings, the Wealth report is emphatic: “The results show that London has shrugged off concerns regarding Brexit to retake the top spot from New York, with the Big Apple slipping to second place overall. Investment was the only category in which New York managed to outperform the UK capital.”

Cambridge is also excited as a ‘future city’, with the report highlighting how: “As one of Europe’s leading technology clusters, Cambridge is the UK’s answer to Silicon Valley. In 2017, the turnover for digital tech business in ‘Silicon Fen’ was £2.4 billion, or £152,000 per employee.”

Others ranked in the top ten include Los Angeles, Chicago, Shanghai and Sydney – but there are no European cities that make the top ten cut.

2019 will also see a record number of skyscrapers built in London as investment continues to flow, despite the constant doom-mongering from much of the Remainstream media.