London now more dangerous than New York

The streets of Britain’s capital are becoming increasingly dangerous, with crime stats now showing London to be more dangerous than New York City.

You are far more likely be burgled in London than New York, more likely to be robbed and there are far more reported rapes than in NY.

Whilst New York long ago adopted low level community policing, Britain has seen police budgets slashed across the board.

It comes after the Met’s former Detective Chief Inspector Peter Kirkham told Westmonster that policing in Britain is on the verge of collapse due to chronic underfunding and the dramatic scale of cuts.

The latest crime figures show massive surges in violent crime including knife and gun crime, both up 26% and 27%.

Rory Geoghegan of the Centre for Social Justice has said: “By embedding proactive community policing, the NYPD is helping tackle crime, improving the quality of life and building better relationships with the community.

“It’s an approach and argument that London – and the country as a whole – is struggling to maintain never mind bolster, with too many preferring to talk excitedly about investing in crime hubs to hunt online trolls.”

The government need to pull their finger out and start investing properly in getting police out on the streets. If they don’t, the streets of London and beyond are likely only to grow more and more dangerous.