London gun epidemic: 44% increase in offences since 2014, weapons coming in from Eastern Europe

The London Assembly’s Police and Crime Committee has found that gun crime has surged in the capital by almost 50% since 2014, with an increasing number of weapons being brought in from abroad.

Their report highlights how since 2014, the number of firearms offences in London has spiked by 44%, with a huge 2,542 gun crimes in the year ending October 2017 which included 770 guns being fired. 59% of offenders were aged 25 or younger.

The Committee’s report also found a “small but increasing number of weapons originating from Eastern Europe”, highly troubling given EU open borders.

They also found that gun crime is now spreading outside of gang disputes.

Clearly something needs to be done – violent crime is surging and Westmonster has already reported this year on a man being shot in Tottenham.

Londoners need more police on the street and far harsher sentences to send out a tough message, rather than the UK continuing down the dangerous path of soft justice.