Local fury as jailed Peterborough MP remains in job

It is obscene that jailed former Labour MP Fiona Onasanya remains in her job, with uproar locally. She today received a three month sentence for perverting the course of justice, meaning that she will remain an MP unless she resigns or a Recall Petition is backed by 10% of constituents.

However, that petition can only be set-up when the appeal process is finished, which could take months.

Unsurprisingly there is huge anger locally. The Peterborough Telegraph have quoted several local residents. They include:

  • “Disgraceful she is a lawyer and lies through her teeth and only gets 3 months . The CPS Should appeal for longer sentence.”
  • “Sickening beyond belief. The government wonders why the British public has no faith in them and the legal system? She should be sacked immediately and banned from any future role in public office.”
  • “She’ll serve a month to six weeks. It’s unthinkable that she will be permitted to continue to work as an MP.”

How can politicians expect the public to have faith in a system that allows an MP convicted and jailed to stay in place? The people deserve better.