Local Elections Live

Tory Andy Street has just won the contest to become West Midlands Mayor, another major upset and crushing defeat for Labour.

Projected national vote share shows biggest winners and losers to be the Liberal Democrats and UKIP.

Conservatives have won the Tees Valley Mayoralty, a major upset in a contest Labour were expected to win.

Tories have gained a seat in Sedgefield, Tony Blair’s old constituency. Could it turn blue in June?

Labour don’t seem to even know how many seats they’ve lost.

UKIP has won a seat of Padiham and Burnley West in Lancashire, first ever seat on that County Council. Gained from Labour.

Rare bit of good UKIP news in Hartlepool where the party pushed Labour for first place in the Tees Valley Mayoral vote.

Updated tally with the Tories up 199, Labour down 142 and the UKIP wipe out.

Labour lose control of Glasgow Council, first time in 40 years.

National vote share shows Tories up by 13%, UKIP down by 14% compared to 2013.

Labour down in Wales as the Tories make gains there too.

As of this morning the trend is very clear: Tories up, Labour losses, UKIP collapse.

The Conservatives are up 150 seats, Labour down 119, the LibDems down 28 and UKIP down 41.

Newport in Wales is an interesting example with some small Labour losses and Tory gains:

Labour won in safe territory of Doncaster:

The Tories gained the most first preferences in the West of England Mayoral vote and their candidate Tim Bowles was elected as the first West of England Mayor.

UKIP has lost every seat so far, with vote share in some key areas down considerably such as in Lincolnshire where UKIP lost all of its seats: