Loaded EU not paying young interns

Interns in Brussels are planning a mass protest on Monday to call for an end to unpaid internships in the various EU institutions.

The protest is being organised by a group called Brussels Interns NGO (BINGO) that campaign on behalf of interns across the EU.

Research conducted by the group last year estimates that up to 4,000 people work without pay in the EU institutions,  government offices, and NGOs. The European Commission also has 200 unpaid trainees at any one time.

German MEP, Terry Reintke, said internships risk only being “accessible to a certain type of people: those who can afford to live in Brussels for several months at the expense of their parents.”

Given that the EU had a budget of €155bn last year, it’s shocking that it isn’t paying its interns.

Why anyone would want to intern in such a place is beyond us, however, good on them for standing up for a fair deal.