Level of support for remaining in EU drops dramatically in latest poll

A new BMG poll for the lefty Huffington Post has revealed that just 16% of people want to Remain in the EU when they’re given the full range of options.

The most popular way forward was a Canadian-style free trade deal backed by 22% of those asked, quickly followed by a No Deal Brexit on 19%.

Just 16% backed remaining, whilst 11% backed Chequers and a further 11% supporting a Norway-style EEA deal with the EU.

Even among only those who voted Remain in 2016, less than a third (32%) backed staying in the bloc at this point.

When Don’t Knows are excluded, the numbers break down as:

  • Canada-style – 28%
  • Leaving on WTO – 24%
  • Staying in the EU – 20%
  • Chequers – 14%
  • Norway-Style – 13%

Amid a backdrop of Remoaning by diehard EU supporters, it once again underlines just how little support there now is to block Brexit or run the referendum all over again.

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