Level of concern about crime highest since 2011 riots, poll finds

As violent crime surges and appalling attacks on the public and police continue, polling firm Ipsos MORI have recorded the highest level of concern on the issue since the 2011 riots.

In their tracker poll, the level of concern when it comes to law and order has leapt 10 points in one month.

It is an even bigger concern for those in London where crime is the joint-second biggest concern, highlighted by 35% of people.

The worrying thing is that even when thugs are being caught and prosecuted, they are receiving pathetic punishment, illustrated recently by a zombie knife-wielding thug who received only a suspended sentence.

That led Police Sergeant Toby Walton to tweet: “Honestly, why bother…This is just one of the many reasons why morale is at rock bottom and violent crime is on the up.

“If you don’t go to prison for that, what do you go to prison for? No deterrent, no justice and a huge waste of public funds.”

Britain must take a far, far tougher approach on crime before the situation spirals any more out of control than it already is. People are rightly concerned and want something done.