'Legitimate debate' Mogg backs Boris in Burka row

Jacob Rees-Mogg has defended Boris Johnson in an ongoing Tory split on Johnson’s comments about the burka.

Mogg said: “It’s hard to see what he should apologise for. He has defended people’s right to wear the burka whilst saying it is an inelegent garment. Neither of those two proposals are unreasonable.”

Other Brexit-backing Tory MPs including Nadine Dorries and James Duddridge, also came to the former Foreign Secretary’s defence over his Telegraph column which compared women wearing the Burka to “letter boxes” but he did not call for a complete ban, despite the majority of Brits being in favour of doing so.

However, some Tory Remainers have called for Boris to apologise, or even have the whip removed from him.

Tory Party Chairman Brandon Lewis, has opened an official investigation into Mr Johnson’s comments.

The row has split the Conservative Party, although the country remains undivided on the issue as poll after poll shows people would go further than Boris and ban the burka and do not think he is a racist.

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Remainer Tories are out to get Boris to stop him becoming leader, this row will simply boost his chances.