Lega's Salvini ready for coalition talks with 5 Star Movement in Italy

Matteo Salvini, the head of Italy’s League party, has said he is ready to start coalition talks with the 5-Star Movement.

“We need to sit around a table with everyone, and certainly also with 5-Star,” Salvini said.

He said he will be putting forward his 10 priorities for government, including clamping down on immigration and bringing down retirement ages.

Salvini also said he was prepared to drop his bid to be Prime Minister to get talks moving with 5-Star.

“It is not ‘Salvini or death,” he told Italian media.

His comments are likely to be welcomed by 5-Star, who are insistent that their leader, Luigi Di Maio, be given the top job.

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5 Star politician Alfonso Bonafede said: “At this election, the citizens participated enthusiastically and, therefore, an answer should be given and this answer according to us, cannot ignore the presence of Luigi Di Maio as the prime candidate.”

“We believe that he must be the prime candidate.”

The two parties have enough seats to form a majority government, something that will terrify Brussels, given that both parties are Eurosceptic and critical of the EU’s mass migration policy. Europe is Eurosceptic…