Lega: EU Elections 'last opportunity' to reform or Italy should Leave

The Economic Spokesman of the governing Lega party has stated that Italy should quit the European Union unless it does not reform. An argument some Brits made for years, before realising the only way out is to exit the bloc. Anti-EU sentiment is rising across Europe.

Claudio Borghi, who is also Chairman of the Budget Committee, said of reform after May’s European Elections: “I think this is the last opportunity.”

He also said: “Either we succeed in changing (EU) now or we will have to Leave.”

Huffington Post quote Borghi as adding: “If the environment remains toxic, I will say ‘let’s go out.’ Since 2000, Italy has grown by 3% we lost two decades and threw them, there was no economic progress.”

This comes as Germany’s AFD also push for a ‘Dexit’ if significant EU reforms aren’t made and support for a Frexit in France stands at 40%.

The EU hardliners in Brussels are closing ranks because they can see the surge in anti-EU feeling right across the continent. Where Brexit leads, others may soon follow.