Leave.EU’s Gunster: I concur with Nigel Farage that even more would vote Leave next time

Leave.EU’s political consultant Gerry Gunster has had his say on Nigel Farage’s comments on another Brexit referendum,

Gunster said: “In my 25 years of running referendum campaigns, any winning campaigns that have been called for a re-vote have matched or exceeded the original margin of victory. I concur with Mr. Farage that the ‘percentage that would vote to leave next time would be very much bigger.’ If this issue is called for a second vote — and it is done within a short window of time and with the original referendum language — I do believe the result will stand.

“In terms of voter behaviour, referendum fatigue has set in with a lot of ‘Remain’ voters because the arguments of pending doom after the Brexit vote have been widely discredited. ‘Leave’ voters will feel a sense of betrayal and derailment of democracy as a result of their original votes being discounted.  This will motivate, inspire, and drive them to come out in record numbers again.”