Leave.EU: Time for new PM and proper Brexit

Pro-Brexit campaign group Leave.EU are demanding a new Prime Minister “and a proper Brexit”.

Following a dramatic day of resignations and the likes of Jacob Rees-Mogg finally moving against the Prime Minister, Leave.EU have said: “Many sources within the Conservative Party are reporting that Brady already has the 48 letters required to trigger a vote of confidence in the Prime Minister.

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“With an atrocious Brexit deal that has the support of neither Leavers or Remainers, which has drawn the condemnation of both the DUP and the European Research Group, there is no way that she can cling onto her office.

“We encouraged our supporters to join the Conservative Party so that they could make their voices heard in a Conservative Party leadership election. The time to topple Theresa May, and get the pro-Brexit Prime Minister that this country deserves, has clearly arrived.”

Will Tory Brexiteers see this through and oust May? Her deal is dead in the water.