Leave.EU push to deselect Remainers Rudd and Hammond causes stir

Brexit group Leave.EU’s campaign for local constituents to deselect those in the Cabinet seeking to water down and delay the UK’s EU exit is gathering pace.

A letter from Leave.EU and Westmonster’s Arron Banks has gone out to voters in Philip Hammond and Amber Rudd’s constituencies, explaining how locals who want to see a proper Brexit without delay push for their deselection.

The Guardian have picked up on the news, publishing the full letter that hit doormats in Rudd’s Hastings and Rye constituency.

Meanwhile the local press in Surrey have covered the push that appears to have hit a nerve with Chancellor Hammond, who wrote back to a constituent saying:

“Arron Banks has used his personal fortune to try to shape the Brexit debate and is attempting to do it again because he doesn’t like the way I, and my cabinet colleagues, seek a Brexit deal to minimise damage to the economy and maximise the opportunities by ensuring a smooth transition for businesses, not a cliff edge.

“I will always act in the best interests of the country and my constituents as I see them.

“Of course others will disagree with my views and someone with opposing views to mine can always stand for election against me at the next general election and test public opinion. I challenge Mr Banks to do so.

“What is not appropriate is for an opinionated multimillionaire to use his money to try to undermine the proper democratic processes of our country.

“I am confident Mr Banks will fail in his endeavour.”

The Leave.EU campaign certainly appears to be rattling a few cages. Read more about it here.