Leave.EU hit back after 'far-right' claim, 'no apology for keeping multiculturalism in our sights'

Leave.EU have hit back after London Labour MP West Streeting branded the pro-Brexit organisation a “far-right organisation”.

London Labour MP is quoted by the BBC as saying: “I think they’re now a far-right organisation trying to stir up hatred and division between different communities.”

Leave.EU have claimed that there is an agenda to brush difficult subjects under the carpet and that they are providing a platform for issues to be discussed.

They’ve also hit back at the “hysterical reaction” to their recent social media content.

In a statement just released, Leave.EU say: “Following our ‘Londonistan’ tweet, Leave.EU has been besieged by media commentators, along with pompous social justice activists gleefully pouring scorn.

“Foremost amongst our ‘sins’ is our entry into the rigged debate on Islam in Britain, even though we are a political organisation devoted to a controlled immigration policy. We make no apology for keeping multiculturalism – a vacuous philosophy committed to nothing but destruction – in our sights.”

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