Leave.EU appeal sees Brexiteers sign up to Tory Party to elect next Leader

Brexiteers are signing up to the Conservative Party in anticipation of a future leadership contest for the heart and soul of Brexit.

Leave.EU have been tapping into their huge social media following with tweets such as: “Take back control of the party by electing a true conservative Brexiteer when the time comes!  

The responses show that it is having a clear impact. Prominent Essex businessman Michael Norcross joined following the appeal.

And many others have done so as well. Here are some of the examples.

“I joined last night. Boris for PM.”

“Signed my wife & myself up today £4.18 a month for two. Small price to pay to let May know we are not impressed with Chequers deal.”

“Me, yesterday. I hope May doesn’t see this surge in membership as condoning her Chequers Shambles!”

“Just joined too.”

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Looks like Brexiteers will be having their say as to who the next Leader of the Conservative Party will be.