Leadsom: Merkel should agree to backstop changes

Brexiteer Cabinet Minister Andrea Leadsom has gently suggested that German Chancellor Angela Merkel should consider helping get a UK-EU deal over the line by agreeing to changes on the hated backstop.

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Speaking to ITV this morning, Leadsom said: “The Prime Minister is off to see Angela Merkel today and what I think would be fantastic is if Angela Merkel will try to support a proper UK Brexit by agreeing to reopen the Withdrawal Agreement.

“There have been rumours over the weekend that some senior members of German government would be willing to do that to get Theresa May’s deal across the line.”

Leadsom admitted that May is meeting with Merkel with a view to delaying Brexit again until 30th June but said: “If we could get the Prime Minister’s deal over the line because the EU have decided to support measures on the backstop then that would be the best possible outcome.”

If the EU thought that May might walk away then this may well be possible. Sadly, the Prime Minister has showed that she is now willing to try and push through any bad EU deal.