Le Pen's National Rally polling first ahead of Macron's party for EU Election

Marine Le Pen’s National Rally are now polling in first place across France ahead of the European Elections next month.

The latest Opinion Way poll for Les Echos has National Rally on 24%, ahead of Emmanuel Macron’s En Marche on 21%.

The right-of-centre Republicans are even further behind, polling in a distant third on just 14%.

As Politico have recently reported, Le Pen has pushed 23-year-old Jordan Bardella as a top candidate for the election in France.

He is running on a Eurosceptic platform, saying recently that “wherever the European Union doesn’t get involved, things work!” and that “the EU is a zombie, a life-impeder”.

A poll in February put French support for leaving the European Union at a record-high 40%. And with President Macron’s popularity having plummeted, France could be yet another country where more Eurosceptic forces are on the rise once again.