Lawless: Stabbings in Birmingham city centre and on London train

There has been more shocking violence in England, with a triple stabbing in Birmingham and another stabbing on the same day on a train in London.

The incident in Birmingham occurred around 17:45 on Tuesday, with three men having to be taken to hospital with their injuries.

Medics had to respond to three separate locations to deal with the situation in Brum’s city centre.

At around 18:00 on Tuesday meanwhile commuters fleed an Overground train as a man was stabbed on a train in Hackney.

The victim was rushed to hospital, with passengers describing mayhem and chaos at the scene.

It sadly once again underlines the continuing escalation of violence being seen in the capital and across the country.

The answer is more police on the streets, tougher sentences and a complete overhaul of the country’s weak justice system. Radical action is required to stop this surge in bloody violence.