Lawless London: Three more teens stabbed as horrific violence continues

Yesterday saw yet another day of horrific violence in the capital, with at least 3 teenagers stabbed.

There was an incident in Embankment, Twickenham that saw a 16-year-old stabbed in the arm.

A second victim said to be in his late teens was found hurt in Beresford Square, Greenwich.

And another 16-year-old boy was stabbed during a brawl on Hackney’s Nightingale estate, with reports of young lads attacking each other with machetes.

It all highlights once again the shocking levels of violence now being seen the capital city, with the age of those involved truly horrifying.

As ever, Westmonster demands action: more police on the streets, more stop and search and far tougher prison sentences for criminal thugs who carry knives, guns or acid.