Lawless London: 4 teenagers stabbed, one boy 'disembowelled'

A teenage boy is in critical condition after allegedly being ‘disembowelled’ on a South London estate.

3 other boys were taken to hospital, all aged between 15 and 16 with 6 attackers of the same age being taken into custody.

Police said: “One remains critical,  serious one is in abut stable condition and the remaining two did not suffer serious injuries.”

Witnesses said they heard a teenager shouting “help, help” before he was stabbed.

Another bystander claimed they witnessed one of the teenagers collapse with his intestines falling onto the ground.

The mass stabbing occurred on the Elmington Estate in Camberwell yesterday.

The incident comes as knife crime soars in the capital, just 2 weeks ago a man was killed in Camberwell in another stabbing.

Where is the leadership on this from London’s Mayor, Sadiq Khan?