Lawless London: 14-year-old stabbed to death in Waltham Forest

There has been another horrifically violent attack in London that has left a young boy dead.

The incident in Waltham Forest yesterday involved a boy aged just 14, who it is believed was riding a moped that was involved in a collision with a car, according to the Met.

It is believed three men got out of the car and stabbed the victim before driving off. Paramedics confirmed the boy dead not long after.

This took place at 18:30 yesterday, with witnesses telling the London Evening Standard that the boy was rammed off his moped and then knifed seven times.

It is another sad example of the horrific surge in violent crime being seen in the capital and elsewhere across the country.

This is what the police should be focused on tackling. The increasing lawlessness on the streets that is seeing young people so brutally killed is an issue that requires a far tougher approach when it comes to law and order.