Lawless London: 100th homicide in capital, highest in decade

The number of homicides in London has reached 100 according to police, making this the earliest point in the year to reach this number in the capital since 2008.

Of the 100 victims, 64 were stabbed and 10 were shot, and in 22 cases the “working theory” from Police is that the homicides were linked to gangs.

36 victims were “white European”, almost half, at 43 victims were African-Caribbean with the rest from other ethnic minorities according to police statistics.

Since Sadiq Kahn became London mayor in 2016 violent crime in the capital has been rising, with the number of knife crimes recorded surging from 9,745 in 2015/16 to 14,769 in 2017/18.

When will the Mayor show some leadership and tackle violent crime in London?