Lawless: 80% of Brits feel police now less able to protect people

Amid a backdrop of soaring levels of violent crime, the British public feel like the police are now less able to protect them – and that crime is on the rise.

New polling for Sky Data has found that:

  • 86% say the police haven’t got the funding they need.
  • 83% of people think more crime is happening.
  • 80% feel the police are less able to protect people.
  • 51% feel less safe from crime than a few years ago.

There is good reason for this. Recent figures showed that in England and Wales, robberies were up 30% in a year, knife offences were up 16% and there was a 12% rise in homicides.

But whilst crime is increasing, the number of criminals being charged has actually fallen.

No wonder that earlier this year, concern over crime was found to have risen to a 7-year-high.

The country has gone totally soft on crime. Pathetic sentences, fewer police and soft prisons has become a dangerous cocktail leading to a rise in violence on the streets of Britain.