Large numbers of Brits want stricter migration policy from Conservatives and Labour

More polling from YouGov shows that there is big public support for the Conservatives and Labour to put in place a more strict migration policy, something that will be possible once Britain exits the European Union and ends open borders.

When asked about the Conservative government’s migration stance, 44% of Brits say the Tory stance isn’t strict enough. That includes a majority, 51%, of working class voters and 70% of Leave voters.

Interestingly among young voters aged 18 – 24, around the same number say they want a stricter Tory migration policy (23%) as say they think the Tories are too strict (26%).

When it comes to Labour, a huge 48% of Brits don’t think they would strict enough on migration, while a pitiful 3% think they would be too strict and just 24% say they would get the balance right.

It follows on from other YouGov polling that shows a clear majority, 63%, say levels of migration into the UK are too high.

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Across the board, the British public want a tougher stance from politicians when it comes to bringing down immigration to sensible levels. Post-Brexit, there are no excuses.