Labour's Kelvin Hopkins: 'If we're in the Single Market we've effectively not left the EU'

If Britain stays in the Single Market it will have effectively not left the EU, pro-Brexit Labour MP Kelvin Hopkins has told Westmonster.

He said: “I’m a 100% supporter of Jeremy, he’s a personal friend…however, I’m disappointed in having said we were against the Single Market and Customs Union now to be drifting back in that direction.

“If we’re inside the Single Market we will not be effectively out of the EU because we can’t use state aid, public procurement, we can’t renationalise the railways. All these things are part of the Socialist programme and we can’t do that unless we make a clean break.”

Hopkins wants the UK to stop “dragging our feet” with Brexit and hurry up and make a clean break.

He said: “I’m fundamentally opposed to the European Union…to drag our feet about going out of the EU I just think is not good for us and certainly not good for the EU either. I want us to come out of the EU and re-establish a thriving democracy here and hope other countries will follow us too.”

“Million of Labour voters voted to leave I was one of those and I think they deserve a voice in Parliament so I think within the Labour Party there are many, many people who take a stronger view about getting out, a clean break, let’s get out now and restart out democracy.”

Perhaps the Labour leadership should reconsider their Brexit backsliding, million of Brexit-backing Labour voters are watching closely…