Labour take 4-point lead in Survation election poll

The chaos surrounding Theresa May’s fumbling of Brexit has led to a worrying rise in support for Labour who have taken a poll lead with Survation.

Their latest poll shows Labour up 3 on 39% of the vote. The Conservatives are down 5 on 35%, giving Labour a 4-point lead. That’s pretty bloody damning.

Meanwhile the LibDems are on 10% and UKIP are on 5%.

It comes after a week of Theresa May whipping MPs to vote for a delay to Brexit, despite 75% of Leavers being against any delay beyond 29th March as well as 72% of Conservative voters.

The Survation poll also shows that May’s deal and No Deal have roughly the same level of support among both Conservative voters and the electorate overall.

57% of people also think that Remainer Ministers should have resigned after abstaining on No Deal.

May will continue to pile the pressure on MPs to fold and back her deal on the third attempt, with the alternative being a lengthy delay to Brexit. Problem is, such a move could further destroy the Tory Party’s support across the country.

If only the Prime Minister would listen to her Brexit Secretary and be prepared to lead the country out with No Deal.