Labour Shadow Minister calls for second referendum

A Shadow Minister in Jeremy Corbyn’s top team has called for a second referendum as the Labour Party’s messy and weak approach on Brexit continues to unfold.

Marsha de Cordova, Shadow Minister for Disabled People, has written for the South London Press: “The country deserves better than the choice of the Prime Minister’s deal or a disastrous No Deal.

“To break the Brexit deadlock, it is increasingly clear that we will need to extend Article 50.

“This would give us the time to take this question back to the people, with a public vote on the deal.

“In this vote, I would support Remain because I know it is the deal that works best for Battersea, for London, and for the country.”

With Jeremy Corbyn’s popularity having plummeted to an all-time low after his party’s opportunistic approach on Brexit, will he kick de Cordova off his frontbench or is this now the Labour view?