Labour plot against No Deal Brexit

The Labour Party are planning to try and stop a WTO Brexit, underlining how determined a new Prime Minister will have to be in order to deliver a No Deal exit from the European Union.

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MPs will seek to pass a motion to take control of the agenda in Parliament that could lead to them trying to pass legislation to block No Deal.

Labour’s Shadow Brexit Secretary, Sir Keir Starmer, said: “We can’t be bystanders while the next Prime Minister forces through a no deal without the consent of the British people. Tomorrow MPs must act in the national interest.”

Anti-No Deal former Tory MP Nick Boles wrote yesterday: “I am abroad so I have not been able to sign the procedural motion tabled for tomorrow. But I will be flying back specially tomorrow morning to vote for it. Only if it passes do we have any chance of stopping a No Deal Brexit on 31 October.”

Unbelievably, Conservative leadership contender Rory Stewart expressed his support: “I am entirely against no deal and I am entirely against prorogation.

“I haven’t read the details of this. My instinct is that I would be wholly supportive of a move that tried to do that, because No Deal is not a credible threat.

“Nobody can get No Deal through Parliament because MPs, including me, will stop No Deal going through Parliament.”

Though Stewart then rowed back and later said: “For the avoidance of any doubt – I have read the Labour motion proposed for tomorrow and I will NOT be voting for it.”

As the Institute for Government have previously said: “A new Prime Minister intent on No Deal Brexit can’t be stopped by MPs.”

It could require a new PM to prorogue Parliament however. As Conservative Mp sir Edward Leigh has laid out: “There are only two choices given the EU won’t change the deal and there’s no chance of Parliament passing it. One is cancel Brexit: an intolerable denial of democracy. The other is leave without a deal on WTO terms on 31 October. But MPs, assisted by the Speaker, will block this.

“Solution: End this failed session immediately within hours of a new government and prorogue Parliament. Leave the EU on 31 October. If we don’t, we are betraying our supporters and ensuring a total wipe-out of the Conservative party.

“We could probably negotiate temporary side deals to make it a managed exit (as former Bank of England Governor Mervyn King suggested). But Brexit we must on 31 October: deal or No Deal.”