Labour MP floats idea of female-only train carriages

Labour MP Chris Williamson has floated the idea of “women only” carriages on trains to combat sexual assault in what is a flagrant attempt at gender segregation.

The London Evening Standard reports that there were 6,057 violent and sexual offences on the capital’s railways, tube trains and stations in 2016, compared to 5,137 the year before.

The MP looked at the number of sexual assaults and thought banning men from certain carriages could be the answer.

But this has been panned for being downright offensive towards the majority of men who would never dream of sexually assaulting a woman.  It’s also drawn criticism for being an admittance that the authorities are giving up on trying to prosecute assaults.

Fellow Labour MP Jess Phillips hit back at the idea:

Williamson said: “It would be worth consulting about it. It was pooh-poohed (when Corbyn suggested it), but the statistics seem to indicate there is some merit in examining that.

“Complemented with having more guards on trains, it would be a way of combating these attacks, which have seen a very worrying increase in the past few years.

“I’m not saying it has to happen, but it may create a safe space. It would be a matter of personal choice whether someone wanted to make use of it.”

But Labour’s Stella Creasy struck back: “Doesn’t keep women safe to restrict their movements – it normalises attacks.

“We need to be clear they (the attackers) are problem, not women’s seating plans.”

The level of discrimination against both men and women here is absolutely sickening – gender segregation would be a backward step for Britain. Maybe the man who suggested it should sit in his own carriage, far away from everyone else…