Labour MP De Piero: Leave vote must be respected

Labour MP Gloria De Piero has delivered a dose of reality to her wannabe Brexit-blocking colleagues, insisting that the country had already had a ‘people’s vote’ in 2016 – and that the public’s Leave vote had to now be respected.

Speaking to ITV’s Robert Peston, she made clear that it was “really important to me that we respect the result”.

She said it angered her when she heard calls for another referendum, that we are leaving the EU and that it is “so important that my constituents and actually everybody who voted, it was tight yes, but a majority voted to leave, they have to be respected”.

De Piero received support from fellow Labour MP Caroline Flint who tweeted “quite right”.

Yet Labour’s leadership now refuse to rule out the option of remaining in the EU in the future. What a disgrace.