Labour MP: 75% of my constituents are backing No Deal Brexit

With many in Westminster burying their heads in the sand, a No Deal Brexit is clearly gaining support across the country. The British public want Brexit delivered on 29th March.

Labour MP for Stoke-on-Trent North, Ruth Smeeth, has today revealed that: “Over the Christmas break 75% of my constituents who wrote to me urged me to support leaving the European Union without any kind of deal.”

Despite many still deluding themselves that the public aren’t in support of an exit on WTO terms, Smeeth is clear: “Those who want Brexit are now moving closer and closer towards supporting a No Deal exit.”

Writing for Times Red Box, she points out that political leaders “have failed to engage or even try to understand why cities and towns like the one I’m so proud to represent voted in such overwhelming numbers to Leave”.

“Instead they’ve insulted, belittled and ignored my community, my friends and my family. They’ve told them that they are thick; that they are racist; that they were conned. Nothing could be further from the truth.”

Smeeth wants a UK-EU deal done and says that a “second referendum isn’t an answer”.

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With 70% of voters in Sunderland also backing a No Deal Brexit, Labour’s move towards a second referendum shows just how detached its leadership has become from working class voters in many of their traditional heartlands.