Labour Minister displays 'I'm In' EU Remain sticker

Labour MP, Barry Gardiner, was left red-faced today after he appeared on a morning talk show to discuss Labour’s Brexit strategy, with a Remain campaign sticker on his iPad.

After spotting the sticker, host Suzanna Reid asked him: “Can I just ask how enthusiastic you are about Brexit?”

“I voted against Brexit, but I am a democrat. I sometimes think the Liberal Democrats have forgotten the second name in their title,” he replied.

Reid nailed him, saying: “I’ve just noticed on your iPad, as you brought it in, it still has a campaigning sticker ‘I’m In’.

“We voted out as a country, didn’t we? And yet if you’re still going around with campaign slogans on, it looks slightly like you’re not very enthusiastic.”

Reid continued grilling the MP for Brent North, suggesting that the Tories’ “coalition of chaos” attack line was spot on because Labour’s messaging is all over the place.

Poor Barry didn’t quite know what to do with himself!

Brexit blockers still populate Westminster.