Labour MEPs call for second referendum

A number of MEPs for the Labour Party have gone into the European Election campaign openly stating that they want a second referendum.

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Therese Griffin, a Labour MEP for the North West of England, wrote yesterday: “Clear message on second vote signed by all 3 North West MEPs. Myself Wajid Khan & Julie Ward. Nearly 90 MPs and MEPs demand Labour backs second referendum in Euro Elections.”

It comes as almost 90 MPs and MEPs signed a letter to the party’s NEC that demands “a clear commitment to a confirmatory public vote on any Brexit deal must be part of our European Election manifesto”.

Other Labour MEPs have signed the letter including the Leader of Labour’s MEP delegation, Richard Corbett along with MEPs Alex Meyer and Sion Simon plus many more.

Labour ‘s Deputy Leader, Tom Watson, has even called for Labour supporters to lobby the party’s NEC to support a second referendum in their EU Election manifesto.

Brexit Party candidate Claire Fox hit back, writing: “Well at least it’s clear what we’re up against in North West. All 3 LP MEPs full Remain anti-democrats who want 2nd ref.

“What a bloody insult to Labour Leavers & to anyone who believes in popular sovereignty. Vindicates why I decided to stand as NW candidate for the Brexit Party.”