Labour MEP and MPs: Remaining in EU 'non-negotiable'

The Labour Party’s lead candidate for the European Elections in Scotland has described has said that “remaining in the EU is non-negotiable” in a letter also signed by four of seven Labour MPs in Scotland.

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David Martin, who is the longest-serving MEP in the country, has penned an open letter that reads: “As elected politicians we firmly believe that it is in the UK and Scotland’s best interest to continue to play an integral role at the heart of the European union. That is why the European Elections are so important.”

The hardline Remainer stance is clear: “We believe that remaining in the EU is non-negotiable and we will help deliver that through a public confirmatory vote on any deal agreed by parliament, to give you a final say. That is putting the national interest first and foremost.

“We believe in a public vote to allow revocation, renewal and reform. Let’s elect MEPs who believe in a better future leading and not leaving the EU.”

A large number of Labour MPs and MEPs have called for a second referendum, with Deputy Leader Tom Watson describing Labour as a “Remain and reform party.”

Meanwhile according to YouGov, 47% of Labour Leave voters are now planning to vote for the Brexit Party at the EU Elections next week.