Labour leaks

Comrade Corbyn has had his manifesto leaked, in full, to two national newspapers. It outlines Labour’s plan to borrow billions to realise a far-left utopia.

The plans include lots of taxing and borrowing, as you’d expect, in order to fund free University tuition for all subjects, as well as lots of nationalisation. That’s gonna cost money.

The leaked document claims the party will go on a spending spree, borrowing £250 billion if they got into power.

Corbyn’s manifesto will also carry commitments to achieving a “nuclear-free world” and is will only send our troops into combat if “all other options have been exhausted”. That’ll only shore up the belief that the troubled Labour Leader will be too soft to deal with the problems the world faces.

Nigel Farage claimed this was “game over for Labour”.

Westmonster reported yesterday that Labour are even set to lose seats in their London heartland. June 8th will be a massacre at this rate.