Labour edge out Brexit Party in Peterborough by 683 votes

The Labour Party has held the Peterborough constituency in Thursday’s by-election, edging out the fledgling Brexit Party by just 683 votes.

The by-election, triggered after a successful recall petition against Labour MP Fiona Onasanya had an impressive 48.4% turnout.

With the country watching, the count continued into the early hours of Friday morning with the result too close to call.

The final result was declared around 2am and was as follows:

Lisa Forbes (Labour):  10,484 – 30.9%

Mike Greene (Brexit Party): 9,801 – 28.9%

Paul Bristow (Conservatives): 7,243 – 21.4%

Beki Sellick (Liberal Democrats): 4,159 – 12.3%

Joseph Wells (Green Party): 1,035 – 3.1%

John Whitby (UKIP): 400 – 1.2%

Although victorious, Labour’s vote share of 30.9% was down by 17 points on the 2017 General Election result.

Meanwhile, latest YouGov poll published today puts the Brexit Party ahead nationally on 26%, 6 points clear of the Liberal Democrats and Labour who share second place.