Kurten: As UKIP Leader I would take on political correctness that is devastating our culture

London Assembly Member, David Kurten, has thrown his hat into the ring to become UKIP’s next Leader. Speaking exclusively to Westmonster, he told us his priorities for the party.

“My priorities for UKIP are, of course, Brexit. But we also have to talk about political correctness and stand up to the devastating effect that’s having on free speech and on our culture.”

He told us: “We have to talk about Islamism,  we have to talk about the root causes of terrorism…but we also need to be the party that talks about the nuts and bolts of government.

“People expect healthcare, social care, the police, transport to just work… We have some great common sense policies on all of those issues and I’ll be talking more about them during my campaign.”

Kurten blasts the establishment, suggesting the LibLabCon’s disastrous policy decisions over the last few decades have led to us no longer “being self-sufficient in skills and in providing careers for people that they need to survive in this country.”

“Part of being in the European Union and what’s happened with mass immigration over the last few decades has meant we’ve started imported people with skills like being doctors, nurses, it professionals, rather than training enough people from this country. I want to make sure as a top priority, we do this as a nation.”

The former teacher also told us one of his key priorities will be to professionalise the party, saying: “What we need to do now is prepare for government and that means supporting members and supporting branches on a local level and that means there has to be a lot more communication from the top. We’ve got to make it much easier for people in branches to have a say on policy, about how the party is working without getting blocked by people in the middle.”

When asked if he considered himself a Faragist, Kurten replied: “Yes, absolutely!”

Kurten is definitely a strong contender, he’s likeable and a good media performer. Westmonster will be watching him with interest…