Khan told: Quit obsessing about stopping Brexit and sort out London crime

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has been taken to task for his constant whinging about a second Brexit referendum amid soaring levels of crime in London by a Tory GLA member.

Conservative Assembly Member in the London Assembly, Susan Hall, lambasted Khan  and asked him: “Mr. Mayor would you not agree that your complete obsession with Brexit means that you are taking your eye off the ball?”

Hall pointed out to him: “You are looking at crime levels, or we are that are going through the roof.

“That’s your responsibility. Brexit isn’t.”

She went on: “If you look at the hole in the finances of TFL it is an absolute disgrace. That is your responsibility. Brexit isn’t.

“When are you going to stop obsessing about Brexit and actually deal with what you are responsible for?

She’s got a point. The number of sickening attacks and murders on the streets of the capital should be Sadiq Khan’s top priority, but he seems obsessed with blocking Brexit instead. London badly needs a new Mayor.