Fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld may renounce German citizenship over Merkel's migrant mayhem

Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld has hit out at Angela Merkel, telling French media he may renounce his citizenship over her handling of the migrant crisis.

He told Le Figaro: “Did she really need to say it was necessary to welcome one million migrants? We must remember the past we have in Germany. I hate Ms. Merkel for having forgotten.”

The Chanel creative director had previously hit out at the beleaguered chancellor for her decision to open the country’s borders in the wake of the refugee crisis a few years back, saying that it would not make amends for the Holocaust and that it was an insult to the Jewish community to “bring millions of their worst enemies” after what had happened.

He also blames Merkel for the rise of the anti-mass migration AFD party.

“The AfD was non-existent,” he said, “and in one sentence she made it exist by alienating 2 million voters and sending 100 of these neo-Nazis to Parliament.”

“If it continues, I will give up my German citizenship,” he asserted.

In 2016, the fashion icon hit out at Paris, saying it had become “a nightmare”.

“This is not the most glamorous era in Paris,” he told the press.

“Paris at night is a nightmare right now, it’s no longer a postcard, I must admit that all my life, I’ve never seen Paris so dark”.

He said he pined for the 1950’s where “there was no sense of danger” in the French capital.

“I feel like I have lived in a world that no longer exists,” he said.