Just 9% support celebrities getting involved in politics, poll finds

A new poll has found that just 9% of Brits think celebrities should get involved in politics, with a massive 52% against. Bad news for the luvvie brigade who the anti-Brexit, second referendum crowd are so eager to constantly promote.

The YouGov poll found in every age group more people opposed celebrity involvement in politics than supported it. Even among young voters aged 18 – 24, only a quarter (26%) are eager for celebs to get involved. 33% of youngsters are against.

63% of the public say celebrity endorsements make no difference on their views, with 25% saying they had a negative impact and just 5% saying they had a positive impact.

With self-appointed ‘experts’ having been thoroughly debunked when it comes to Project Fear claims on Brexit, it seems the public aren’t impressed by the interventions of the Hollywood elite either. Clearly Brits think celebs should stick to their day jobs.