Just 9% of crimes result in someone being charged or summonsed

The number of people being charged with crimes or summonsed has plummeted to just 9%.

Last year, it was 11%, and when a new system of recording data was introduced in 2015, it was 15% – this just shows how far the breakdown in law and order has sunk in the UK.

According to a government document titled: “Crime outcomes in England and Wales: year ending March 2018”, 48% of offences are carried out without a suspect even being identified.

For example, 75% of theft offences were closed with no suspect identified.

Compared to last year, 41,215 fewer cases resulted in someone being charged or summonsed.

These numbers are mental and, coupled with the crime figures published today that show robbery is up 30% (42% of all robberies occurred in the capital, by the way), it raises serious questions as to why police funding and numbers have been slashed so heavily.

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It’s beyond a joke. The government have a duty to keep the people safe and they’re not doing it. Simple.