Just 44% of Italians would vote to Remain in EU

In an astonishing development, it has emerged that less than half of Italians would now vote to Remain in the European Union if their country followed the UK’s lead and had a referendum.

Italian media are reporting on the Eurobarometer survey that finds just 44% of Italians would now back remaining in the EU.

That is the lowest level of support for EU membership of any country, including Brexit Britain.

It comes on the back of strong words from Italy’s popular Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini who has repeatedly clashed with Brussels, threatening to sue Brussels after comments from Jean-Claude Juncker and also insisting that “Italy is not a colony, we are not slaves of Germans or French, of the spread or the finance” as he has continued his strong border stance against illegal immigration.

The Italian government has just had to submit its budget to the unelected European Commission who can reject it. Is that really democracy?

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Where Brexit Britain leads, others may choose to follow. The idea of independence is clearly gathering support across Europe.