Just 40 of the 400 returning jihadis have been prosecuted

Just 40 of the 400-or-so jihadi fighters who are thought to have returned to the UK have been successfully prosecuted, it has been revealed.

In fact, some have been given council houses and most are freely roaming the streets.

Security Minister Ben Wallace disclosed the shocking figures. Apparently there’s not enough evidence to convict most of the returning jihadis…

John Woodcock, the Labour MP who had pressed for the release of the figures, said: ‘It’s no wonder the Government tried to keep secret that it has only managed to prosecute one in ten of the British jihadis returning from Syria.

‘It is an affront to our country that the difficulty of amassing admissible evidence means there is no comeuppance for people who went to aid an evil regime that wanted to slaughter British civilians.’

This is a ticking time bomb. These radical jihadis believe in their Islamist cause to the extent that they’re willing to travel abroad and fight for it. They don’t simply stop believing when they come home. They’re battle-hardened and dangerous and should never have been allowed back into Britain.

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