Just 12% want government to abandon Brexit

Despite the constant claims from Remoaners that the public want a watered down Brexit or the whole thing abandoned completely, a new poll shows that in in fact it is those opposing the UK’s EU exit who remain very much on the fringes of public opinion.

YouGov found that just 10% think the government should opt for a so-called ‘softer’ Brexit, just 19% want a second referendum and only a pitiful 12% want to abandon Brexit.

Even amongst Remain voters, only 26% want to see Brexit abandoned compared to 33% of Remainers who want the government to get on with it one way or another. Just 1% of Leave voters want to see Brexit abandoned.

Meanwhile 45% of Brits want the government to carry on with current plans to exit the Brussels bloc, whilst 14% say they don’t know.

Reality check for those MPs who are still trying to pretend that the country isn’t largely united behind Britain’s Brexit future.