Just 1.4% of asylum seekers landing in Italy are Syrian

Only 1.4% of new asylum seekers who’ve arrived in Italy in the first 5 months of 2017 are from Syria – so what nationality are all these war-ravaged asylum seekers we keep hearing about?

Well, they’re not coming from Libya either, which is still in the grips of a civil war. Just 0.36% of asylum seekers in Italy so far this year are from Gaddafi’s old stomping ground.

And only 485 Afghans applied for asylum too, and just 900 Iraqis.

The latest figures from Eurostat, which were sent to Westmonster this morning, show Italy has received 58,255 asylum claims between January and May this year – just 845 of them are from Syria and 210 are Libyans.

The largest number of claims actually came from Nigeria, with a whopping 20.65% – 12,030 to be precise.

Bangladeshis also accounted for an extremely high number of Italian asylum applications, amassing 9.2% of claims with 5,365 people wanting to seek refuge in the Mediterranean nation. There is not a war in Bangladesh.

Pakistan and The Gambia were hot on their heels with 7.5% and 7.9% respectively. According to the BBC, The Gambia “has enjoyed long spells of stability since independence”.

Now let’s look at the EU as a whole – of the 248,290 asylum claims the EU received in the first 5 months of 2017, 14% were Syrians and 0.6% were Libyans.

To put that into context, the combined total of asylum seekers fleeing war in Syria and Libya is less than the combined total of those coming from Nigeria, Pakistan and, wait for it, Guinea.

It’s time left wing media outlets and the EU stopped peddling the lie that most asylum seekers are fleeing war. They’re not.