Juncker/Tusk letter: No backstop end date, no unilateral UK exit

The European Union’s Jean-Claude Juncker and Donald Tusk have issued a letter aimed at winning MPs over to backing Theresa May’s deal.

Problem is, it underlines that there is no end date for the hated backstop nor the ability for the UK to unilaterally exit it. The EU would have to agree, a pathetically weak position for the UK to be in.

The letter instead reads: “The Commission is committed to providing the necessary political impetus and resources to help achieving the objective of making this period as short as

“To this end, following the withdrawal of the United Kingdom, and until a subsequent agreement is concluded, the Commission will support making best use of the high level conference foreseen in the Political Declaration to meet at least every six months to take stock of progress and agree the appropriate actions to move forward.”

They also argue that: “Were the backstop to enter into force in whole or in part, it is intended to apply only temporarily, unless and until it is superseded by a subsequent agreement.”

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It is nowhere near good enough. What’s on the table is a £39 billion trap. MPs must reject it.