Juncker: 'Cannot rule out' Brexit delay beyond European Elections

EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has revealed that a lengthy delay to Brexit – and the UK participating in European Elections – cannot be ruled out.

In an interview with Stuttgarter Zeitung that Politico have picked up, Juncker said of a Brexit delay beyond May: “That to my mind would be an irony of history. Yet I cannot rule it out.”

He insists that “any decision to ask for more time lies with the UK. If such a request were to be made, no one in Europe would oppose it.”

The EU chief apparently has no deadline in mind if the can is kicked down the road: “If you are asking for how long the withdrawal can be postponed, I have no time frame in mind. With Brexit so many timetables have already gone by the wayside.”

And Juncker described the situation as “like being before the courts or on the high seas; we are in God’s hands. And we can never quite be sure when God will take the matter in hand”.

It would be beyond farcical for Brexit to not only be delayed beyond 29th March 2019 but for British voters to elect MEPs to the European Parliament. Time and time again Theresa May has pledged that the UK will leave on time and it is time for her government to deliver.

If the political class sell out the British people on this, they can expect an absolute thumping from Nigel Farage’s new Brexit Party.

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