Juncker: British will be losers from No Deal

The EU’s Jean-Claude Juncker is now claiming that a No Deal Brexit would mean the Brits are “big losers”. They are getting desperate.

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government have been pushing the European Union to re-open negotiations and amend the terms of Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement, saying a no-deal Brexit would be down to Brussels’ failure to compromise on the deal with Parliament has reject three times already.

Juncker told Austrian newspaper Tiroler Tageszeitung that: “If it comes to a hard Brexit, that is in no one’s interest but the British would be the big losers. They are acting as though that were not the case but it is.

“We are fully prepared even though some in Britain say we are not well set up for a ‘No Deal’. But I am not taking part in these little summer games.

When it comes to the idea of any sort of negotiation, Juncker also added: “We have made clear that we are not prepared to hold new negotiations on the Withdrawal Agreement but only to make certain clarifications in the framework of the political declarations that regulate future relations between the United Kingdom and European Union.

“We are well prepared (for No Deal) and I hope the British are too.”

Those in the EU including Juncker still seem to think they can ramp up Project Fear to ram their failed Treaty through. Let’s hope the government are ready to deliver a WTO Brexit.