Jones: Many Tory MPs won't vote for May's plan, would rely on Labour MPs

Former Brexit Minister has told The Telegraph’s Christopher Hope that “a large block” of Tory MPs are “extremely unhappy” with Theresa May’s EU proposal, with many willing to vote against it meaning that she would have to rely on Labour MPs to get it through.

Speaking to Chopper’s Brexit Podcast, Jones said: “It’s pretty obvious that there is a large block of Conservative MPs extremely unhappy with the outcome of the Chequers meeting.

“Probably many tens of MPs who would simply not support that position.

“You’re right, in those circumstances she would have to rely upon Labour voters but I don’t think she can do that because the purpose of an opposition is to attack the government and if possible bring it down.

No authentic Brexiteer can back May’s deal, but will pro-Remain Labour MPs bail her out? Embarrassing.